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an inside look at conversion therapy and its survivors
FILA Laurels 2022 Winner
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"CONVERSION is more than a film, it's a catalyst for change."


Concrete Wall

A story of survival and hope, CONVERSION follows survivors as they shed light on the secretive and often deadly practices of conversion therapy.

A dark void filled with empty chairs stretching into the distance.

Conversion therapy is the pseudoscientific method of changing someone's sexual identity using psychological or spiritual interventions.

There are over 698,000 conversion therapy survivors in the United States.

42% of conversion survivors have attempted or seriously considered suicide in

the past year.

that number rises to 57% for trans and non-binary survivors.

Nearly  80,000 LGBTQ youth will go through conversion therapy in the next five years.

Research from The Williams Institute & The Trevor Project

A dimly lit church counseling room.


Overhead view of a therapy room.

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